Launched in Paris, VISION brings together two lively spirits, motivated by a passion for exceptional vehicles and the history of motorsports. As consumers desire to obtain ever more unique objects, the idea to renew the tailored automobile is increasingly relevant. Founded by two friends, VISION strives to revitalize the prestigious French automobile’s reputation for excellence.


VISION is an automobile high fashion house that manufactures, by hand, vehicles sized for gentlemen drivers. Manufactured and assembled in France, our vehicles combine exceptional expertise in motorsports and luxury. Our ambition is to offer our clients an innovative experience that is so much more than an automobile! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real racing driver? Featuring a groundbreaking and uncompromising design, the VISION cars are developed in collaboration with French experts and two professional Le Mans drivers, with the aim of participating to this mythical race. The 24 Hours of Le Mans are the DNA of VISION. This is why our vehicles will be first developed and produced for the track and then, in a second phase, the experience gained in racing will enable us to transcribe these unique sensations into a road-legal version. In a world where hypercars are racing towards excessive numbers and powers, VISION chooses to race towards emotions and pure sensations.


Our first creation, 1789, is a revolution. It is an iconic model that crystallizes French expertise in motorsports and luxury. VISION 1789 – a two-seater vehicle inspired strongly by the prototypes from the 24 Hours of Le Mans – takes the driver’s seat in order to immerse the driver and passenger into the extreme world of automobile racing. 1789 is a real prototype in an evening dress and its interior, a showcase designed to the measure of its owner.
Everything has been thought to provide unique driving sensations to the driver. This is why 1789 has an extremely well worked flat bottom, specially developed to produce an outstanding aerodynamic support. Its power-to-weight ratio close to 1, and its rear transmission are the extension of this vision of motor sport.


In the current context of energy transition, we are convinced that we have smart alternatives to fossil fuels and electricity right in front of us. This is why VISION decided to fit 1789 with an engine running on bio-methane. This motorization, specially developed for endurance racing, has the specificity of having a positive carbon impact by enhancing the bio-methane resulting from the decomposition of organic materials. The interest of this choice is to make our waste a source of energy and to reduce the impact of the methane on global warming.
The different states of bio-methane make it possible to adapt perfectly according to the desired use of the vehicle: indeed, for the race, 1789 will use liquid bio-methane which has the advantage of being less heavy and less cumbersome. For the road, gaseous bio-methane will be used, which does not evaporate. Both will be stored in a tank behind the occupants. This more responsible powertrain works perfectly with today’s combustion engines and allows to keep an incredibly important and emotional element… the sound of Le Mans’ racing cars.


The team and the spirit they bring to the project are our true strengths! The average age at VISION is 26, and our small team size allows us to avoid the tedious compromises and standardization inherent in the classic automobile industry. With the strong experience acquired in the biggest manufacturers and luxury brands, our team is at the forefront of the most advanced expertise and technologies. Through VISION, we don’t just want to create a car. We aim at creating a brand, writing a story and an exciting adventure, highlighting the exceptional know-how of our French partners such as Faster, WRTi, Estival, Genaris Group, but also Michelin, Ferdowsi Consulting and many others.

Thomas is a passionate visionary, a lover of beautiful objects - especially the automobile - since an early age. He grew up surrounded by metal sculptures that his father allowed him to discover. Today, Thomas only has one goal, to carry out his dream of creating exceptional vehicles! With his extensive experience in the luxury market, Thomas developed a strong network and an unbelievable capacity to respond to the desires of his most demanding clients. After several years of team development, and convinced by the exceptional expertise of our French artisans in motorsports and luxury, Thomas created VISION in 2019 to allow people like himself to carry out their "Automobile dreams" and to regain the thrill that has slowly disappeared with the coachbuilders and tailored automobiles of the old days.
VISION is above all a child's dream, shared by two childhood friends, Thomas and Florian. Also a car and mechanical sport enthusiast, Florian joined Thomas at the beginning of the project as a co-founder in 2016. His skills and knowledge of the automobile world allowed them to create a determined and ambitious team, capable of bringing together exceptional partners. His years spent at the Renault then Genaris-Group in carrying out the design and physical integration of electrical harnesses, embedded systems, mechanical pieces, and 3D prototyping for road vehicles as well as concept cars turned Florian into an unparalleled team manager. The union of these talents is the chance to prove through VISION that a new chapter in the story of the automobile must be opened.
Martin is a talented designer who is, passionate about competition vehicles and innovation. With a willingness to undertake and share the same vision of the automobile, he joined the project in 2017 after a Michelin design competition where Thomas identified him. With extensive experience at Renault and Mercedes-Benz as an interior and exterior designer, Martin took over the design division of VISION and created the first iconic model of the brand, 1789, with the rest of the team. This first model is the response to the dreams of its two creators, Thomas and Florian, and thus becomes the first tailor-made creation of VISION. His multidisciplinary experiences and his journey at SciencesPo Paris led him to meeting Paul-Loup Chatin, who integrated VISION in 2018.
After graduating from SciencesPo Paris in 2018, Paul-Loup shared his time between raceways, management and consultation life, and VISION. After having given, in a single seater, some trouble to Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon or Daniil Kvyat, he sucessfully turned towards endurance. Three times European champion (2013, 2014 and 2019), 3rd in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014 with Signatech-Alpine and poleman of the LMP2 category in 2018 with Idec Sport Racing, Paul-Loup Chatin is now the benchmark for the world of endurance. His expertise in automobile racing and his entrepreneurial qualities make Paul-Loup a key element in the development and culmination of 1789.
French Formula 4 Champion in 2011, when he was 17, Matthieu quickly moved on to Formula Renault 3.5 and became Vice Champion in 2015. He won the Trophée Andros Electrique the following year, and then decided to move to endurance racing. In 2017, he became Asian Le Mans Series Champion and achieved 2 podiums in the European Le Mans Series in 2018. In 2019, thanks to his experience previously gained, Matthieu finished 2nd at the 12 Hours of Sebring in the DPI category, 2nd at the 12 Hours of Bathurst in the GT3 category and then won 3rd place at the mythical Le Mans 24 Hours in the LMP2 category with Oreca by setting the best time in his category in his third participation. Matthieu Vaxiviere is now putting his extensive experience as a professional endurance driver and driving instructor to work for VISION Automobiles Paris.


“La nouvelle marque française Vision Automobiles Paris pourrait bien concurrencer Bugatti”


“Tout un symbole!”


“Secouer la catégorie en roulant au bio-méthane”


“L’ambition de révolutionner le segment”


“Une attractivité high-tech comparable à celle de l’Aston Martin Valkyrie”

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“De belles choses pour l’avenir”


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